The Festivalisation of Events

Shocklogic has played an active role in the events industry for over 20 years. This has given us a diverse look into how events in different sectors are executed, highlighting both the similarities and differences. One common trend that we have noticed recently, is that “festivalisation” seems to be appearing across all event sectors.

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Festivalisation is incorporating elements of the festival experience, into events. This can give serious topics, such as medical research, a new lease of life, boosting the excitement surrounding the entire life cycle of the event. A big contributor to the online hype of an event comes down to social media, through posts, videos and images.

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This phenomenon within our industry has come about largely due to the changing demographics of the delegates attending events each year. As the workforce in most organisations is becoming younger and younger, the market needs to make sure they appeal to them. Around 40% of events professionals fall within the millennials category, and they’re helping to bring about the revolution of tech at various types of events, a new era of social media marketing and creating experiences. Younger people tend to attend events to feel more part of the community and enrich themselves with the education that is on offer. The workforce for events globally is only getting younger, and so organisers in all sectors will need to keep up!

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Another notable factor of festivalisation is that it is helping people to leave the office, and immerse themselves in an entire day away. Side events really support this, with more and more conferences offering breakfast seminars, chairman lunches and networking drinks. These side events help organisers to tempt delegates, making it hard for them to say no. They would miss out on the experiences they could have, the people they could meet, and the sessions they could learn from. Festivalisation has become a creative strategy to generate FOMO among your attendees.

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Creating post-event engagement is possibly one of the most important elements of festivalisation, with many organisers struggling to keep their audiences entertained between events. Festivals are experts at doing this, resharing videos and pictures from the event that their attendees can get involved with. The key element comes in when the attendees begin to share their personal experiences, using the event hashtag. The fans create a stream of moments that can be shared with everyone. By creating an experience at your event, you then make it worth sharing for your delegates across all their platforms. Making sure you provide “Instagram-worthy” photo opportunities, by having visually pleasing displays throughout the event, increases the chances for a “Throwback” post to your event!

Embracing festivalisation means:

1. Creating experiences that allow people to interact across “arenas” and
2. Designing engaging content that audiences receive from a variety of “performances”

To learn more about how Shocklogic can help introduce festivalisation into your next event, email us at

Written by Scarlett Clarke, Shocklogic

A trip down memory lane: Shocklogic at Confex

Here at Shocklogic, we’re big fans of International Confex – so much so we’ve been involved with the show for over a decade! Confex is one of the biggest trade shows for the meetings and events industry in the UK, and one of our biggest events in our calendars each year. As well as exhibiting and sponsoring, our team also get involved with the educational programme, by sharing our industry knowledge.
Here we take a look back at some of our favourite moments from shows gone by:


Our Head of Marketing and Business Development, Johnny D. Martinez at the Shocklogic stand in 2014. Remember when iPhone 4’s were the latest technology?



Our CEO, John Martinez, with the Shocklogic team at the stand during the 2015 show.



We meet so many new and exciting people every year at Confex. Many of our current clients and partners we’ve met on the show floor, and even some team members too!



John Martinez’ sessions have grown each year, with new content attracting bigger audiences. Here he is in 2017, preparing for a session.



Last year Johnny D. Martinez joined other social media experts and Conference News, to share their knowledge and answer questions from the audience.



We can’t wait to return to International Confex this year. Make sure you visit the team at Stand O4C.


For more information on Shocklogic, contact us at, or give us a call on +44 (0) 207 326 0286.

NCRI Congress 2018 Case Study: The ePoster Viewer

One of Shocklogic’s most exciting new products is our ePoster Viewer. It is used at scientific conferences to display abstracts and posters containing research to display around the event. Even those that are not being presented, can be displayed through this system!

The technology is an alternative to the technique of printing paper posters, and having them physically available in one place. ePosters save time, and are more environmentally friendly.


I spoke to Alin Ungureanu, a member of our software development team, to find out more about the process of creating one of these systems for a recent event: The National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI) Congress 2018 in Glasgow.

Can you tell more about the function of an ePoster Viewer?
Not only is the system great for saving paper, but is allows for more abstracts and research to be shown at an event. As the information is condensed on one system it’s not overwhelming for the attendees and is accessed in an easily digestible way. Delegates can also rate the research and retrieve the contact information of the author, should they have any queries about the posters.

What is the process in building one?
First I built a controller, which is used to retrieve the information stored on the system. So this holds the posters, the authors details… everything you see!

I then created the blade files, so the icons, images, titles, all the structural elements of the viewer. This also includes the functionality of the viewer so all the hyperlinks on the pages and the ‘back to the top’ arrow which appears when a delegate has scrolled to the bottom of the page, allowing them to be taken back to the top once pressed.

The next stage was then testing. This included a variety of screen sizes to ensure optimisation.


Any other notable features?
NCRI had requested that the date time and location of the presentation for specific posters be displayed on the viewer. As this isn’t something we normally do on the viewer, this was developed as a bespoke feature.

How did everything go once the systems were up and running onsite?
This was a BIG event. There were over 1,500 registered attendees, 204 exhibitors and a total of 239 ePosters on our system! Over the 3 days of the event, the ePosters were a great success.


This was your first major development for Shocklogic! What are your thoughts on it?
It went really well! I couldn’t have done it without the support and guidance of the team, but I really learnt a lot. It was great to be given this responsibility and I enjoyed the challenge – I can’t wait for the next one!

EventHuddle Tackles SEO: “We need to learn to speak the language of our customers!”

Shocklogic are frequent attendees of the Eventhuddle series, a morning of events-based education for the whole spectrum of #eventsprofs. These events allow us to stay up to date with the latest trends and hot topics, getting new insights of our industry from a range of different speakers and attendees. We participate not only for our own educational benefit, but to seek to better our advice for our clients.

The most recent EventHuddle took place at 1 Wimpole Street, on 22nd November 2018. It was titled “SEO for Events: Delivering growth without the headache”, and was based around Search Engine Optimisation. This topic focuses on how to make your website content relevant to your target audience, how your attendees can find you, and how it actually works. Kevin Jackson (EITM) moderated the session, whilst the speakers Lloyd Black (UBM), Al Valentini (Grant Tree) and Kelvin Newman (Brighton SEO), provided us with a great insight into SEO as a tool.

Photo 22-11-2018, 09 13 34 (1)

Here are some of our takeaways from the session:

SEO explained
SEO is essentially how a search engine lists webpage results based on its relevance. This is not only based on the webpage names, but on the content of the pages. In the previous 10 years, this has become increasingly more relevant in communicating your product and services to your potential and current clients and attendees.

Effectively using SEO
To fully utilise SEO, you need to research into the type of language your clients are using. Then you can incorporate this into your website and attract more potential clients. It’s all about identifying who you want to sell to and recognising how they describe what you do. In a lot of cases this means avoiding bespoke terminology! It’s pointless if your target audience can’t find your website in the first place. A good place to start is by creating a consistency of key terms and phrases across your social media channels and website. This effectively educates your target audience on your type of language and how they can best find you.

During the session, Linkbuilding was mentioned as a really good way of driving traffic to your website. The best way to go about this is to have insite third party endorsements. Any site that mentions your product, service or brand can see an opportunity to add a link back to your site. It’s a great idea to set up google alerts so you don’t miss any time you’re mentioned.

FAQ Pages
It was also noted that an FAQ page is a great way to store all those keywords, phrases and questions that can lead your clients and potential clients to your website. It is also down to you have to call to actions across this page, leading the visitor to a purchase or the key information page their search links to.

Search engines
It’s key to remember that the search engine used does not affect SEO – even though the tool is different, the user is what matters and their habits stay the same online. There is a wide variety of search engines available to everyone who uses the internet, these include Facebook, Youtube, Google, and the list goes on!

This edition of EventHuddle was extremely helpful, and we look forward to the next one! For more information, visit:

Past, present, future: Shocklogic at the M&IT Awards

Shocklogic is very excited for the M&IT Awards, coming up in March 2019. The M&IT awards are one of the event industry’s biggest and most prestigious recognition programmes. Here’s a look back on our involvement in previous years, and what we have to look forward to in 2019!


We were blown away about being shortlisted in our first year of applying! To be considered was a great honour.



Being shortlisted for a second year in a row was amazing! We hardly expected to be considered twice in a row.



This year, at the 2018 awards ceremony we placed as the Bronze Winners! We were also sponsors of ticketing and scanning during the awards ceremony itself.



This year we are the official ticketing sponsor again, and are very excited to be shortlisted as Best Event Provider. We would LOVE to win the gold this year, and to do this, we need your vote.

Place your vote for Shocklogic by simply following this link:, scrolling down to category ‘N’ and entering ‘Shocklogic’. By voting you’ll be automatically entered into The M&IT prize draw to win a 9 night trip to Thailand, courtesy of M&IT! To learn more about this once in a lifetime experience, visit the M&IT website here:

Thank you in advance, and we will see you at the awards!

EventLAB: Tech, Creativity and Values

EventLAB by Hire Space, offers a two-day programme of cutting-edge insights, skill enhancing opportunities and fresh inspiration for the event planning journey. As we work so closely with planners, the Shocklogic team went along to indulge ourselves in the education on offer.

Optimized-Photo 23-10-2018

We first attended a (packed!) talk by The Department’s Creative Director, Hamish Jenkinson who was accompanied by a member of the creative team. The self titled world’s first immersive agency, provides an experience for attendees. They spoke about how planners can incorporate immersive technologies into their B2B events. Showcasing work with their previous clients such as Lexus and FIFA, they demonstrated how events can fully utilise VR, AR and MR technologies to produce world class experiences that put the attendee in the centre. For example, at the Lexus event they transformed the lives of the participants into an A lister, giving them the hollywood treatment showering them with paparazzi and providing the flash car.

We also attended one of the workshops on offer, ‘The Psychology and Practice of Values: Turning your clients into raving fans’ With Alan Williams from Service Brand Global. The session was focused on the promotion of values within a company being the new selling point, what converts customers into loyal clients. He gave examples of Fairtrade having rocketing sales from 2015. What’s unique about Fairtrade is they market purely based on their values of providing a fair wage to the producers of their goods. This in turn prevents them from being exploited by larger corporations in the food industry. As society changes to be more ruthless in uncovering those who have bad morals, it’s important for all businesses to practice what they preach in order to maintain the status of their loyal clients.

We at Shocklogic take our values very seriously and introduce all of our potential clients to them through the initial meetings we have. It’s important not only from a business perspective, but a humanitarian one!

EventLAB provided some great education throughout our visit and we left feeling inspired by what we had learnt! Boosting our enthusiasm for our emphasis on values and morality and inspiring us to provide the best experience for our clients and their attendees.

For more information, visit:

Meet Shocklogic at IMEX America!

Although it seems like IMEX in Frankfurt has just ended, IMEX America in Las Vegas is only round the corner!

Whilst we’re busy preparing for the week ahead, check out how you can catch the Shocklogic team throughout the week:


We’ll be at Booth F2571 with the Meeting Design Institute throughout the show, make sure you book an appointment with us:

Our Head of Marketing and Business Development, Johnny D. Martinez will be holding various sessions:


Catch us at Smart Monday and the Association Evening for pre-IMEX networking. We’ll also be attending the MPI Foundation Rendezvous. To explore the networking and activity opportunities take a look at the IMEX website:

To learn more about how to catch up with us at the show contact or book an appointment through the portal:

Shocklogic: Going for Gold at The Event Technology Awards

The Event Technology Awards are now in their sixth year, and will once again recognise the achievements of companies delivering digital and technological solutions to the events industry.


Shocklogic has been participating in the awards for several years now, and have been lucky enough to be shortlisted in the following categories:


  • Favourite Event Technology Supplier: The People’s Choice Awards
  • Best use of Technology for Marketing an Event


  • Favourite Event Technology Supplier: The People’s Choice Awards
  • Best Festival Technology


  • Favourite Event Technology Supplier: The People’s Choice Awards
  • Best Conference Technology


  • Best Visitor Management Technology
  • Best Use of Technology at a Conference
  • Best Use of Technology at a Festival
11321_Shortlisted18 1200x628px_STE1

We are very proud of these achievements, and this year, we are asking everyone to cast their vote for Shocklogic in the People’s Choice Award, for the Favourite Event Technology Supplier. Back in 2016, we won Bronze in this category, and last year we won Silver! We have plans to go bigger for this year’s awards, and go for Gold!

You can help us achieve this dream by following this link here:, scrolling to the bottom and voting for Shocklogic! Our CEO, John Martinez talks a bit more about this here:



Our entry for the Best use of Technology for Marketing an Event category (2018) is journey with ESOT (European Society for Organ Transplantation) and Gaudino, the dragon. The impact that this character had on a scientific conference blew us away! Our goal was to create lasting engagement, elevate the image of the company to have a sense of “cool” branding, whilst creating a community and shifting the traditional forms of communication. Gaudino’s campaign was amazingly well received throughout the community of medical professionals.



We’ll also be exhibiting at Event Tech Live this November, at stand 412. Come and see us there to discuss all things event tech and see how we can offer solutions to help you and your next event!

To book an appointment with Shocklogic at Event Tech Live, email us at Visit the event website for more information:

The Event Technology Awards ceremony will take place in London on the evening of Wednesday 7th November 2018 following Event Tech Live.

To vote for Shocklogic at the awards, visit:

A day in the life of John Martinez, Shocklogic’s CEO and Founder

Have you ever wondered what’s really going on in the mind of Shocklogic CEO, John Martinez? After picking his brain on various topics, here’s an insight into John’s life.

What is your morning routine?

Before I do anything when I wake up, I meditate for about 20 minutes. This helps me to gather my thoughts and sets me straight for the day. I do this before going to sleep too, as a kind of wind down exercise for my brain. I’m constantly thinking thinking thinking and so this really does help me find a collected sense of relaxation and calm. I’ve been doing this for 10 years now! Sometimes I mix it up and meditate through movement, I find 5 Rhythm dancing and Qigong are the most enjoyable.

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day and so I always make sure that I have a nutritious one! Everyday, I have 3 boiled eggs. On weekends I treat myself and my partner to a cooked Venezuelan breakfast, it’s our Saturday tradition. If we don’t cook it at home we go to a local Mexican restaurant in Brixton – the owners are Venezuelan, so know exactly what we’re looking for.

Where does your passion for events stem from?

I believe my passion is for people. Although I call myself a nerd to friends, colleagues and even people I meet at events, I’ve become the opposite of the cliche introverted geek. In my early 20s I used to shy away from anything that proved uncomfortable, like human interaction. I found humans to have the most complex algorithms in the universe! How was I supposed to communicate the correct message with the correct intent? How do I translate the code in my brain into a human language? I always believed I was misunderstood until I decided to change this limitation. Mindfulness helped a lot with this, I could calm myself and channel my communications properly.


What’s your favourite Shocklogic product/service?

I don’t have a favourite product! I love how we make our customers feel after a successful event using our softwares. It’s the most rewarding part of the job.

However, I love the story of Scanlogic, our access control, tracking and lead retrieval software. I first was inspired on a train while in the US, and instantly began thinking about how we could adopt this technology and use it at our events. Since its launch, it has been incredibly popular and successful, even leading us to create a modernised app that we call Leadlogic.

In the 20 years of Shocklogic, what would you consider to be the most challenging/enjoyable part of your job?

The greatest challenge I’ve personally experienced is to learn and realise my limitations. Even when I have the humility to identify and understand it, I am still driven to overcome it in order to give the best experience to the client. I also want to prevent my team from facing barriers to providing everything we initially promise.

The best part of my job is watching my team grow and bloom both as people and in their job roles.


What is one random fact about you?

Not a lot of people know that when I was younger I was a champion wrestler! Nothing like what you see on WWE, but it helped me to pay my way through university and I absolutely loved it.

What software/technology do you rely on most in your day, and what’s your favourite feature of it?

The entire Google suite. From gmail right through to google docs – I love it! The calendar helps us all in the company to stay on top of meetings, client events and the working hours of team members who are working away from the office and in different countries. The docs, sheets and slides feature allow us to collaborate with a lack of confusion and share these documents a lot easier than emailing word documents.


What’s one piece of software you like to share with people?

I love Jing, a free multimedia screen-capture software. It allows you to take specific video and static screenshots, so either your entire screen or a section of it. Once the shot is taken you can highlight elements of it using the arrow, box and highlight tool. Anyone can view it with access to the link, and we use it internally as well as with clients and partners.

What do you in your free time?

I don’t tend to get a lot of ‘free’ time because I’m so in love with my job! Aside from spending time with my partner, I really like listening to podcasts, especially ones by Jordan Peterson and Joe Rogan and various other audiobooks. I also do this when travelling around the world for the various events. This also makes time for me to listen to our weekly company-wide meetings, we call it our “scrum”. During our scrum, we get everyone together to discuss what they’ve achieved in the past week, who they want to recognise for their hard work, and any issues that we need to discuss and overcome as a team. I also get a chance to address everyone at the same time. Listening to them means I don’t miss any ideas that have been shared or suggestions that are made to make improvements to the company.


Inside the Shocklogic Office: How we manage time, tasks and distance


At Shocklogic, we have our efficiency strategy down to a t. Using software available on our laptops, desktops, mobiles and tablets, we not only make it work but make it successful!

The three main elements we tackle on a day to day basis are: time, tasks and distance. With each obstacle, we find a new solution, to maintain a high standard of communication and work produced.


Toggl is an excellent, web-based time tracker which allows users to keep track of not only time but what tasks they are doing, with the use of labels for each time entry. This isn’t mindless time keeping, this is knowing what you’re doing when you’re doing it – boosting efficiency and productivity. It’s a great way of monitoring how the team best use their time whilst in the office or working remotely.



With so much going on in the office it’s easy to lose track of who’s completing what task, what’s been done and what isn’t even being looked at. We’ve found that with Trello, task management has become a breeze. The format combination of boards, lists and cards makes prioritising tasks a piece of cake. With the added feature of a due date which then sends you notifications to remind you of it, there’s little risk of an important task slipping your mind. You’re also able to move cards up or down a  list, this makes it easier to see which cards needs your attention the most without having to scroll down what can seem to be an infinite list.

Trello also helps us to stay organised, by putting different tasks on different boards and lists, it’s not just a clash of random tasks that don’t make sense being together: they can be separated by category, event or department. For example, we have a multitude of boards for Marketing alone to cover all aspects:


Everyone at Shocklogic uses Trello in their own way but to their advantage. For example, the apprentices in the office create their own boards to track not only their tasks whilst at work but any coursework they have coming up and projects that need their attention. We really value the role of education in our industry and so using a tool that enables our team members to excel in their studies and job role is of high significance.


Skype is the obvious choice for group video conferencing, and we  mainly use it for one on one calls in between team members and group chats. Along with the use of whatsapp, we make sure that all of our teams, wherever they are in the world, keep in touch.

We’ve also found that Zoom works great for us, in terms of video, audio and screen sharing, it benefits all involved in the meeting whether it’s internal or with clients. A meeting can be joined via a link, making it easier for participants to join from wherever they are. As many  members of our team travel multiple times throughout the year for events, meetings and networking, they’re less likely to miss important meetings and productivity within the office is boosted.

The recording feature on Zoom also means all focus is on the meeting agenda, and notes can be taken later on when going back over the meeting. This relies largely on whether you have the time in order to do this, however having the option is incredibly beneficial. The feature is particularly useful for client calls as listening back to a meeting can clear up confusion and they can revisit their training for our software.

A particular benefit of Zoom is the money and time saving element! With such high quality digital conferencing, the travel time and costs of this are completely eradicated, allowing us to focus on what’s important- the client.

Each week, we hold an internal, company-wide meeting, that we called our “Scrum”. Without Zoom, our Scrum would be more difficult to coordinate. From our main London offices, we are able to connect with our team members in Europe, The Americas, and Australia, to discuss everything going on in the company for that week. It’s a great opportunity to discover what other departments have been working on and what challenges they’ve overcome, and provides a space for bonding with remote team members.

ZoomScreenShot_20180724 (1)